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Hell for the Holidays

What if America's most lethal terrorist threat came from a jihad of American extremists? In the explosive sequel to Slay Ride, FBI legend Christopher Miller returns for a page-turning countdown to a Thanksgiving Day attack in New York City.

Anthony Award-winning author Chris Grabenstein has created a new high-velocity thrill ride of a read. Christopher Miller is up against a group of domestic terrorists who are copying Al Qaeda's tactics: operating in cells, following a twisted fundamentalist doctrine, targeting "public amusements." A White Supremacist hate group has smuggled in a stinger missile and recruited an army marksman—a nightmare vision of a new and more talented Timothy McVeigh.

When Miller starts sounding alarm bells about this group and its plans, no one listens because the FBI's focus has shifted to foreign terrorists. "Saint Chris" comes up against the same sort of bureaucratic resistance encountered by the real-life FBI agents who, pre-9/11, wrote memos about Arab Terrorists Flying Airplanes Into Buildings that no one paid attention to.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Miller has to cope with his daughter's post traumatic stress as the anniversary of her Christmas nightmare draws near, and he will be torn between taking care of her and saving thousands of innocent lives!

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Carroll & Graf Hardcover, October 2007, ISBN: 978-0786720606
Carroll & Graf Paperback, October 2007, ISBN: 978-0786720613



"Grabenstein's gripping second holiday thriller [has] a spectacular finish. This rapid-fire entertainment is sure to please Grabenstein's fans."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Grabenstein weighs in with book two of his series featuring FBI agent Christopher Miller in another book filled with holiday madness. This time out Miller is on the trail of terrorists planning an explosion at JFK airport.
Miller has to deal with an apathetic reaction to his information and continues the hunt on his own while at the same time trying to help his daughter cope with the aftermath of the previous Christmas (Slay Ride). The pacing of this book is so perfect, the suspense builds with every turning page.
Ultimately timely and action heavy Hell for the Holidays makes the holidays dangerous and entertaining as hell. Part Die Hard and part Criminal Minds this book will take your mind off the leftovers and erase any thoughts of napping. Grabenstein is a truly gifted writer and one I would not miss."
   —Jon Jordan, Crimespree Magazine

"Saint Christopher is back—stronger and better than ever... Hell for the Holidays is an exciting book that I would recommend highly. The characters seem real and Chris Miller is someone I won't tire of soon."
   —Internet Book Database

"The Miller series is as good as his John Ceepak series. If you like plenty of action definitely pick up one of the Christopher Miller books. Any of Chris Grabenstein's books will entertain you. He's a fine new author and every time he writes another book, from either of his series, I'm ready to read it."
   —Sharon Katz, ReviewingTheEvidence.com

"Mr. Grabenstein has given his growing audience a taut, fast-moving thriller, packed with suspense and a wonderful hero [dubbed "Saint Chris" by his friends and neighbors] determined to stop the impending catastrophe. Filled with suspense and scarily real 'bad guys,' Hell for the Holidays is a great read, at holiday time or any other."
   —Gloria Feit, Midwest Book Review's Reviewer's Bookwatch

"Chris Grabenstein's Hell for the Holidays is an entertaining, page turner. It's a great kickoff to the holiday season. Grabenstein may have scared readers away from Santa Claus. Now, no one will want to travel on Thanksgiving... Grabenstein puts Miller and the terrorists on a collision course, culminating on a holiday weekend. It's a fast-paced novel that shows the power of a network that can stretch from Wyoming to Tennessee, and Wisconsin to New York. Only Grabenstein can add humor to such a scary concept. It's another topnotch thriller."
   —Lesa Holstine, Lesa's Book Critiques

"Mr. Grabenstein is also the author of another popular, award-winning series featuring two New Jersey policemen. The two series are very different, but equally as skillfully written and entertaining. If you're in the mood for a heart-pounding, page-turning thriller, this is the book for you."
   —Shirley Wetzel, Breakthrough Promotions

"Hell for the Holidays should come with a warning label. My pulse is still racing. Sure, I was already worried about Al Qaeda and foreign terrorists but that is small potatoes compared to the story Chris spins with white Supremacists whipped to a frenzy by a radical radio announcer in our own country. The tension is enough to raise my blood pressure but oh what a story. I remain Chris Grabenstein's biggest fan."
   —Carolyn Lanier, I Love a Mystery