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Bound Brook, New Jersey, November

Bound Brook
At Barnes and Noble doing a fund-raiser for the Bound Brook, New Jersey Memorial Library. They had all five books! Wow.

Bound Brook
Hugh Williams in the front row is one of Chris' trusted EARLY READERS. He's read all five books twice: the first time in manuscript form.

Bound Brook
Great meeting a mom and daughter who both LOVE Danny and Ceepak and brought their copies of TILT A WHIRL and MAD MOUSE to be signed!

Bound Brook
With Bound Brook Reference Librarian Paul Schroeder.

isters in Crime, Nashville, November

Visiting Sisters In Crime in Nashville, Tennessee

hris's alma mater in Chattanooga, November

Alma Mater
Chris addressed the Senior Class of his ol' alma mater: Notre Dame Catholic High School in Chattanooga, Tennessee. During the Q and A, they all did a big story-telling improv together!

igning at Rock Point Books, Chattanooga, November

Rock Point
At Rock Point Books in Chattanooga. Chris was in Boy Scouts with these guys!

Rock Point
At Rock Point Books, Chris cracked everybody up by reading from his 8th grade composition book. His writing has gotten better. Much better.

Rock Point
Classmate and long time pal, Tom Decosimo set up the event at Rock Point books in Chattanooga.

unt Agatha's Bookstore, Michigan, October

Aunt Agatha's
Drop-by signing

Aunt Agatha's
Fans at Aunt Agatha's

Aunt Agatha's
With Robin Agnew and mystery fan

ape May, summer

Fans in Cape May with Tilt A Whirl!

eadly Ink Conference, New Jersey, June

Deadly Ink
Chris gives his Guest Of Honor talk at the DEADLY INK conference.

hack A Mole Launch Party at Partners & Crime in New York City, June

First, see Chris in action by clicking here.

Chris Grabenstein

Whack A Mole party
The Carroll & Graf folks at the party!

Whack A Mole party

Whack A Mole party
Whacking some moles!

Whack A Mole party
Buffy and Teresa.

Whack A Mole party
Friends nibble peanut brittle. Captain Dave, FDNY, wears the official What Would Ceepak Do? t-shirt, also available on Café Press.

Whack A Mole party
Liz and Chris whack some moles!

EA, New York City, May

BEA signing ARCS of HELL FOR THE HOLIDAYS (coming November, 2007)... Photo by Mary Reagan.

ayhem in the Midlands, May

Chris had fun as one of the hucksters for the Charity Auction at MAYHEM IN THE MIDLANDS, which raised a bunch of money for the Children's Programs at the Omaha Public Library.

nternational Thriller Writers Brunch, May

With Wendi Corsi Staub, R.L. and Jane Stine at the International Thriller Writers "Bullets And Brunch" in Greenwich, CT to benefit Reading Is Fundamental

Chris with the other criminal master minds on hand for ITW's Bullets and Brunch. And one kid who just came to get goosebumps.

ystery Lovers Book Festival, May

Mystery Lovers Book Festival
Signing books and handing out taffy at the Mystery Lovers Book Festival in Oakmont, PA

Mystery Lovers Book Festival
With superfan Robert Burke at the Mystery Lovers Festival in Oakmont, PA

A Festival of Books, April

LA Festival of Books
Goofing around in the Mystery Bookstore booth at the Los Angeles Times Festival of the Book with Bob Morris and Robert Levinson while Sue Ann Jaffarian actually sits down and signs some books! Chris is wearing the official "MURDER. It's what somebody did on their summer vacation" T-shirt from Café Press.

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